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Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse Project

Our goal is to bring multiple improvements and a new clubhouse

to Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course

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October 20, 2023 - Dykeman Clubhouse Project recieves $300,000 from the Cass County Council. This money will be put towards new cart paths in 2023. Read the full press release HERE

September 21, 2023 - Dykeman Clubhouse Project recieves a $500,000 commitment from Mike and Jody (Jones) Petrie and the Petrie Endowment.  Read the full press release HERE

August 25, 2023 - Dykeman Clubhouse Project recieves a $500,000 commitment from the Cole Family. Read the full press release HERE

June, 5, 2023 -  The Logansport City Council approved the second reading of ordinance 2023-13. This ordinance secures $1,000,000 for our clubhouse project.

May 2, 2023 - The Logansport City Council had its first reading of ordinance 2023-13, which was our request for $1,000,000 for the Clubhouse Project.

April 26, 2023 - The Foundation held it's annual golf outing, funds raised in this event helps our project and other projects planned at the golf course.

Late Fall 2022 - Thanks to a generous donation from Mark and Suzie Wamsley, we planted 131 new trees on the golf course.


After a survey of approximately 200 local golfers, conducted in 2021, the most requested improvement was a new clubhouse for Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course.

Through our own fundraising, plans have been developed to bring that request to life, and we’d like to share our vision of what a new clubhouse would do for our course, and our community.


The new clubhouse will not only bring a fresh and inviting facility to accommodate golfers, but will also be a beautiful place for the public and organizations to benefit from  throughout the entire year.

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Logansport Clubhouse Boards_Page_1_edited.jpg
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This will also give us the opportunity to upgrade the overall functionality of our facilities by allowing us to house all carts in one building; make the clubhouse inclusive to all those that want to enter; provide for energy efficient mechanical operations; create indoor and outdoor gathering spaces; and allow for year-round play via an indoor golf simulator.

Other Improvements Planned with Clubhouse

- Repaving of cart paths

- Planting of over 130 new trees

- Refinishing and updating cart barns

- Addition of parking spaces

- Improved tee marker signage 


LPRF & the Dykeman Park Golf Course Project 

The LPRF held its first golf outing in 2021, to benefit the Dykeman Park Clubhouse.

After the 1st golf outing, enough funds had been raised to create a concept plan for future fundraising. 


The 2nd golf outing raised additional funds to make additional improvements to the course. 


Currently, a committee has been established to focus on the fundraising required to design and develop a new clubhouse at Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course, with the goal of a new clubhouse being operational for the course’s 100th anniversary in the spring of 2026.

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